Arcanum – Level 11

I’m continuing to work to develop my photography skills in The Arcanum, the online community that matches master photographers with apprentice groups for a unique learning process through work and feedback.  At Level 11, I submitted 9 new images, received feedback and re-edited a few to improve them.  My Level 11 album is below.

The first 6 images are day lilies from my neighbor Katie Lane’s garden.  They are each cultivars that she produced and has blooming this summer.  I went over each day for about 2 weeks to see what was blooming and take pictures of her beautiful flowers. We were very pleased with the way they turned out! BTW, I have 6 more to edit.

The final three images are something new for me… landscapes.  It’s an area that I plan to develop this summer and fall, with trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Australia/New Zealand sure to provide plenty of scenery.

The final bit of news is that my master photographer and mentor, Mark Helm, has retired from the Arcanum.  I was sorry to see him go, since I learned so much from him and the other members of our group.  I have been accepted into a new group, with photographer and cinematographer Gina DeGirolama.  I’m excited about it, since she is willing to coach me on videography as well as photography.

I hope you enjoy my photos.


Wild Irish

Wild Irish


Lady Blue Eyes CT Hat OFM 3

Blue Ridge Low Clouds

Blue Ridge Vista

MF Falls 1

Mountain Falls

Long Cove Sunset


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