Arcanum – Levels 8 & 9 – Success!

The intensity and work are ramping up with my photography project in the Arcanum!  For my Level 8 challenge, I produced an album of ten new images. This was a huge amount of work, not only taking the photos and editing them, but learning Photoshop at the same time… whew!  My colleagues reviewed them and provided comments and feedback to help me choose five images for my level 9 critique.

For Level 9, I selected these five images for my critique with Photography Master Mark Helm.  The critique went very well, with many helpful comments and suggestions.  Based on the feedback, I edited three of the images, and I like the outcomes!  My final versions are shown below.  I hope you enjoy them.  And you can see my Certificate for success in the first 9 levels of the Arcanum.

Lowcountry dock sharpend RE-EDIT

Low Country Dock

RE-EDIT Running


Jazz 1 edit 2

Jazz Vignette

Spring Branch

Spring Branch

Sunset Girl

Sunset Girl

My Certificate

My Certificate


7 thoughts on “Arcanum – Levels 8 & 9 – Success!

  1. Karen, you are becoming quite the accomplished artist and photographer! We look forward to your continued success!
    Soll & Anne


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