Arcanum – Level 6

I’m continuing my journey to better photography on The Arcanum.  For my Level 6 Challenge, created an album with 5 new images, based on a “Scavenger Hunt”:  list of ideas (wide landscape, lines, reflections, etc.).  The twist was that I needed to use standard camera settings for all photos.  One photo was also to be re-edited using new techniques or learnings.

These are photos from the Scavenger Hunt, all taken with the same camera settings (iso = 250, f/5.6, 4 mm).  I took all images in Nashville, TN during a visit there.  I tried to incorporate different perspectives in the images.  I received valuable feedback from members of the EDGE group.

1. FLORAL – I had fun with this floral photo which was taken in Nashville near my hotel. This one rogue plant popped up in a sea of petunias. I superimposed a copy of the flower on a cropped-in background, then added the frame so the flower appears to be popping out. I used a soft glow and a little sharpening.

L6 Floral Frame

2. LOOKING UP – Not only are the figures looking up, but I got low for this upward-looking shot. I love the building which nearly disappears in the clouds. The figures also look to me as though they are lifted up by the water.


3.  REFLECTION – Windows at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville TN. I liked the colorful reflection of the stained glass windows in the curved wood rail. This image has a different perspective than a straight shot of the windows in a row.  There was beautiful light filtering in.


4. LINES and SHADOWS – The structure of the pedestrian bridge provides a nice frame for downtown Nashville’s buildings. I tried to come up with a sharp image.


5.  TEXTURE –  I was attracted to the herringbone pattern and colors of this paved walkway. I added several filters to highlight the textures.



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