Arcanum – Level 3

Hi everyone,

I have exciting news… I have joined The Arcanum, an online community that provides a personalized learning experience to help you achieve your goals in photography.  It’s based on the master and apprentice model and includes coaching and one-on-one personalized feedback from your Master.  It also includes a group of apprentices who share and provide feedback on each others’ images.  It’s a very intense process and I find myself immersed and learning like crazy!  Interestingly, my participation in a number of the WordPress challenges has prepared me to give and receive feedback, a huge plus.

I have made it through the introductory Levels 1&2. Now at level 3, I have assembled an album with new and older images, from which I will select 3 images for my L4 critique.  I thought I would like to share my new images with you. Comments are welcome!

Azalea Vignette

Pink Azaleas


Droplet on Kale


Mossy Bark


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