One Four Challenge – February Week 4

The One Four Challenge involves editing one photo four different ways.  Thanks to Robyn for organizing it!

Note:  At the end of the post, I have a poll for you to select your favorite of the edited images.  I appreciate your feedback and comments.

My fourth and final edit of “Hammock” has a dreamy and soft feel.  I used the DistressedFX app on my iPad  for the edit.  I desaturated the color a bit to tone down the bright red.  I used an oval blur effect centered on the near edge of the hammock.  I then used the Fantone effect and Karma texture overlay.  Overall, I am pleased with the soft and gentle image.

I have included my other images in the gallery below for your viewing.

Hammock - Dreamy

Hammock – Dreamy


17 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – February Week 4

  1. This week’s dreamy edit is definitely my favourite. The muted colours work really well and I think removing the blue from the doors has kept the focus much more on the hammock. 🙂


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