One Four Challenge – February Week 2 – B&W

Four my second edit of the Hammock image, I chose to convert it to B&W.  Using Aperture, I selected the “green filter” under the B&W effects, mainly because I liked the way it darkened the walls behind the white hammock, making it stand out more.  I was not completely happy with the lightness of the leaves across the bottom, so I darkened them a bit using the burn tool.  I also removed one leaf that was black and distracting.  A little crop, and I was done.  I like this image in B&W – what do you think?

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Hammock - B&W

Hammock – B&W

Thanks to Robyn at Captivate Me for hosting the One Four Challenge!

Here are my previous images:

Hammock - First Edit #2

Hammock – First Edit #2

Hammock - Original

Hammock – Original


19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – February Week 2 – B&W

  1. My preference is for the colored version.

    I liked the way the colored photo was cropped as it focused in on the hammock. I thought the cropping emphasized the natural framing of the hammock in red on the top and sides and in green along the bottom and right side. I also liked the way the deep red in the walls accentuated the single red flower in the bottom center of the picture. The natural curve and crisp white of the hammock contrasts with both the linear background and vibrant color in the background and forefront.

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  2. I like the way the handwork on the hammock shows up so vividly in the black and white version. The hammock is the emphasis; all else is pure background and fades away.

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  3. Hi Karen, I love a contrasty B&W image and this one fits. 😀 Love the lacework – it stands out. Yes I agree about the bottom of the pic being too bright. Have you tried a gradient or a ND filter. It may also bring out the detail in that wonderful crazy path.
    Wonder how it would look if you could lighten the top slightly and lessen the light on the bottom? Hope you don’t mind my suggestion 🙂

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  4. I like the B&W version because it puts more emphasis on the hammock itself. I like the idea of a gradient to help lower the brightness of the green leaves. It’s a bit more work, but one think I like to do is if I like one part of my photo with a certain filter, say red, and another part of my photo with a different filter, say green… then I will create two layers each with their own filter applied. Then I add a mask to the one with the least amount of work and stack it on top of the other layer. Then paint in the areas on the mask with the different filter. Does that make since? But the gradient would be far less work. 😛

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  5. I really like the B&W version. As the others already said it takes a bit of the holiday feeling but I think you still have a really powerful picture. I would have played with an ND-grad filter as well 🙂


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