One Four Challenge – February Week 1 – UPDATE

UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone who commented on my first edit of the Hammock image.  I revisited the cropping and now have another version, which is shown below.  I just cropped the LH side and top a tiny bit to remove an odd edge from the beam, and then removed the distracting chair by extending the red wall.  I like the idea of the red “frame” for the white hammock.  THANKS for your suggestions!

Hammock - First Edit #2

Hammock – First Edit #2

The One Four Challenge involves editing one photo four different ways.  Thanks to Robyn at Captivate Me for organizing it!

Since I have been on a fabulous tropical vacation this past week, I chose one of my photos from the trip for the One Four Challenge.  “Hammock” didn’t require too much for the first edit… a small crop, a little sharpening and I toned down the red color slightly.  The edits were made in Aperture.  The first edit and original are shown below.

I welcome comments and feedback!

Hammock - First Edit

Hammock – First Edit

Hammock - Original

Hammock – Original


14 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – February Week 1 – UPDATE

  1. Very nice photo. You ask for feedback, well I would crop it a little less, so you see the nice stone wall on the left until the top of the image. Maybe take out some yellow/green out of the plants, see how it looks, but maybe it looks better with the slightly fluorescent effect as it is now.

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  2. Looks very relaxing and tropical 🙂 Where is my cocktail with the fruity umbrella?

    Like the first poster I think a bit less of a crop on the LH side might be nice too?

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