Ten Things Photoshop Can’t Fix

Interesting article by Benjamin Rowe at Aperture64. Thanks, Ben!


From the time to time you may hear the phrase I can Photoshop that. This is a term that for means lazy. Photoshop is a tool but so is a camera and sometimes getting something right the first time in camera can save you time in post-production. There are something’s you cannot fix in Photoshop.

  1. Where you stand
    When you take a picture you must choose the viewpoint of your subject. This means that at times that view point is not where you are but you can take the picture from here anyway. As the saying goes god gave you legs use them. If you are too far away move closer if you are to close move back, low and high the same. Sometimes it is not enough to zoom in or out but move. In moving you will also see your subject from a new perspective. Of course in…

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