One Four Challenge – January Week 3

The One Four Challenge involves editing one photo four different ways.  Thanks to Robyn for organizing it!

This week, I have gone “out on a limb” with my photo. I wanted to achieve an artistic effect, building on the symmetry of the original image.  The outcome is a bit fantastic, showing a parallel universe above the tree canopy.  I like the medallion effect in the center of the image.  And can you see the small Buddah-like figure now repeated 4 times?

I used the mirror tool, which allowed adjustments on the vertical and horizontal axes.  I also adjusted the temperature of the image to the cooler side.  Edits were made in Aperture and Acorn.

Charleston Oaks - Mirror

Charleston Oaks – Mirror

For reference, here are my previous edits and the original image:

See more examples of the  One Four Challenge using the Reader with “One Four Challenge” tag!


15 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – January Week 3

  1. Each one of the processes has something wonderful to say about it .. I’m fascinated by Twilight Glow … but this week’s process is so very fantastic … something out of Alice, I love it!

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