Project 365 – What Next?

It’s been two and a half months of posting a photo per day as part of Project 365. Initially, I thought I would give it a try for a few months and see where it might take me, and whether I wanted to commit to the full year of 2015.  I was able to (mostly) keep up, and have summarized progress in 2014 in the three monthly collages below.  I used Instagram to publish my daily photos.  My subjects thus far have been a hodgepodge of activities, flowers, architecture and landscapes.  Some have been tied into various online photo challenges.

As I look back, I’m please with my progress.  I now shoot more frequently in manual, gaining familiarity with the various settings.  I have tried several long exposure techniques, and want to do more.  I have tried new things in editing, including B&W, that were great to learn.  This has all been great!

I can see two reasons to continue with the project: 1. To keep a photo diary or journal of daily highlights and events or 2. To continue to develop photographic skills.  For me, it has evolved away from the photo diary, and I want to work to improve my photos. Perhaps a weekly format would work best, allowing more time to work.  I am therefore planning to select a theme for the week or month, and work to compose, shoot and edit into the best possible images. I’m moving away from Instagram because I find the square format to be restrictive.

I would really welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions on this type of project or approach.  Also, is anyone aware of ongoing groups or programs that offer photography content and exercises that would be helpful?

Thanks and Happy New Year!


365 - Oct 2014

365 Nov 2014

365 Dec 2014


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