One Four Challenge: December Week 3

Four One Challenge: This challenge is about processing one image four ways over four weeks.

In this week’s version of my image, I hoped to simulate a painting on canvas.  I wanted a little abstract feeling, and the texture of a canvas to give the “painting” more dimension.

NY Taxi - Painting

NY Taxi – Painting

Editing of Version 3 was done using apps on my iPad.  I imported the image into Photogene.  I increased Saturation and Contrast.  I used the “Oil Painting” filter and saved the image.  I then opened the image in the Pixlromatic app.  I added a layer using “Weave” to give the canvas texture.  I used the “Soft” frame to give the look of a floating canvas on white mat.

Version 2 – Pop of Color:

Pop of Color

Pop of Color

Version I – Vibrant Scene:

NY Taxi - Vibrant

NY Taxi – Vibrant

See more examples of the One Four Challenge at the “Captivate Me” site.


15 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: December Week 3

    • Thanks, Robyn! I’m really enjoying the challenge – it’s taking me in new directions. I really enjoy the editing process, and I’m getting an idea of what’s possible. Thanks so much!

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  1. Love this, there is so much going on in the original, by blurring out the details you can concentrate on the shapes and lines and colours. The slightly abstract style really works beatifully here 🙂


  2. Totally changes the image and I like the abstractness it now has with the cabs being our major point of recognition and not just because of the colour yellow drawing our eye to them.

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  3. I really like this, they effect is great and like someone said above, this version is about the shapes and they really work here! I liked last week’s version too. Will be looking for next week too, great job!

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